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list of soriku fic recs

last updated August 3rd, 2016


Made a lot of big changes to this list, namely removed fic that weren't as good as I thought they were 4 years ago... haha. I added a few too. For real-time updates visit the blog I linked above.

AU fics

(long, multichapter)

6,581 Miles to Luma by caseyvalhalla - do you want epic fic? This is epic fic. I highly recommend that all KH fans give this a read, regardless of whether they ship Riku/Sora or Axel/Roxas or not. The world building is absolutely delicious.

Binary by Lost Forevermore - hilarious detective AU with with excellent banter between detective trio Axel, Kairi, and Riku and a generous helping of suspense.

Boys by caseyvalhalla - a humourous and profound HS AU set in the 90’s. It will make you happy and also make you cry. Honestly, the interactions between all the characters are some of the best I’ve seen. Just, please read it. I love it so much that I had to list it twice.

Rain Shadow by Nitlon - highschool AU, one of those slow-paced slice-of-life fics, I found it very profound and I might have shed a few tears for Riku’s loneliness and Sora’s loss near the beginning.

Reckless, Full of Sunshine by Don’tClimbOnThat - this is a fun fantasy/adventure AU reminiscent of a Studio Ghibli film. The humour and Sora’s spirit kept me smiling throughout.

Shatter Me by Catwithabook -  In which Riku learns to live life after losing his vision. It’s only two chapters so far, but it’s wonderfully written and bittersweet that I had to include it.

Sounds of Thunder by darthvair65 - a historical fic, Wild West style. Lots of suspense, mystery, and clashing of morals involved.

Spark a thought in an ocean of wonder by singtome - This fic is an absolute gem and left me thinking about it for the rest of the week. I don’t want to spoil too much, so I’m just going to say that Sora and Riku’s interactions and buildup of mystery is very well done.

The Misadventures of Rooming with Friends by aurons_fan -  AU where Riku and Sora experience the finer aspects of college, including fire alarms, finals, and being sexiled by their roomates Axel and Roxas.

This is War by Tea’nThoughts - an AU where war is happening and Riku takes part in it as a spy. I normally don’t enjoy fic involving darker themes, but the plot was what kept me reading. Do give this a try if you want suspense and angst, because this fic is incredibly underloved.


After Hours by andAshes

All’s Fair by Candle At Noon - this one made me cry

Big Black Boots by caseyvalhalla

Cough it Out by SnitorisSnape

It Had to Be You by owlpostagain

Nihonbashi by caseyvalhalla - another historical fic, and probably my favourite of her oneshots. Beautiful, beautiful imagery.

One Day With You by vinesse

Patience by White Silver and Mercury

Penguins & Polar Bears by Slaycinder

Summer Skin by Slashapalooza - pure fluff. It’s great as a pick-me-up.

Sunshine by theisraelproject107

Time is Stop-Motion Now by Zenelly – I really love the concept of this and I wish I had the skill to illustrate it.

This is a Love Letter by his loss

Canon fics

(long, multichapter)

Hourglass by Kuko-chan – post KH2 fic, even though it’s now AU as of DDD, it’s still an enjoyable read. Kairi’s characterization really shines in this one too.

Opacity by Daydreamishly – post KH2, but much further down the road. I liked how it gave exposition to any mental or emotional damage Sora might have sustained while saving the worlds, and how he and Riku both help each other heal.

The Ties that Bind Us by Mut - excellent take on an alternate KH2, I think it was written before KH2 was released actually. I find it impressive that the characterizations still hold strong even with the release of later games.

Vagabonds by Kesiala -  also post KH2, and also with a very good focus on both Riku/Sora and the friendship of the trio! The downside is that this fic hasn’t been updated for years (and could use a beta sometimes).

(oneshots, >5000 words)

All You Can’t Leave Behind by Quillslinger

Chasing Starlight by kooriyoukai - one of my favourite canon-verse fics, it highlights their bond very very well

Cup of Tea by Wishmaker - post-KH2, in which the boys are home and Sora helps Riku cope with the aftereffects of the darkness.

Followed by _newworld

Here is Okay by kooriyoukai

Lessons Learned Outside of Class by _newworld

Master by chodes

Puppy Love by Rambutans

stature by driedvoices - Sora gets shrunk courtesy of a visit to Wonderland. Of course Riku has to deal with him.

Wake up and smell the daisies by Katseester

Whisper by Rikudera

(oneshots, 1000-5000 words)

Broody Boy-Feelings by Katseester

Debugging by Rikudera - fluff between their data versions

Doing It Wrong by glasslanterns - awkward!sex. I laughed too much over this.

I (Don’t) Like Riku by immoral

Keychains by rex-dart - I love it when fics play around with ingame mechanics.

Of Haircuts and New Beginnings by trappednightingale

Puddle Jumping by caseyvalhalla

Really Means A Lot by Rambutans

Sex Education by SaturnOola

Sinking Inside Yourself by Eram_Quod_Es - Sora dreams during Days.

Sleepover by aurons_fan

(shorter oneshots <1000 words)

A Taste of Home by _newworld

Distance From You by kiingdomkey

Hair like Reflectors on a Bike by knesk - I’m a sucker for fics that treat their romantic relationship as something they both find comfortable to move into.

I’d Sell My Soul To See Your Face by WinstonEli

longing to linger ‘til dawn, dear by kairiolette

Not Subtle by Cephy

the future doesn’t scare me at all by byulmankeum

The Measurement of Sora’s Annoyance in Billions by Rikudera

Words of Love by byulmankeum


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